Drug Importation Model Legislation and Toolkits

NASHP’s drug importation model legislation creates a state wholesale importation program to purchase lower-cost drugs from Canada and make them available to state residents through an existing supply chain that includes local pharmacies.

Model Prescription Drug Importation Legislation – “An Act to Permit the Wholesale Importation of Prescription Drugs into (State)”

Wholesale Drug Importation Legislation Q&A

Easy-to-understand Infographics explaining how drug importation works

An overview explaining of NASHP’s Model Importation Legislation

Other resources:

  • Vermont’s Wholesale Importation Program for Prescription Drugs Legislative Report, December 2018, NASHP and a team of consultants, including FDAImports.com, LLC, provided staff support to Vermont’s effort, which concluded that significant savings would result from importation. Based on just 17 high-volume, high-cost drugs identified for two of the state’s three major carriers the savings from Canadian importation would be between $1 and $5 million annually.

NASHP and its work group helps states advance legislation to contain prescription drug prices and tracks states efforts on its website. State officials who are interested in this model legislation have access to a legislator’s guide and additional background materials. Contact Jennifer Reck to receive this material for state officials-only.

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