Key Measurement Issues in Screening, Referral, and Follow-Up Care for Young Children’s Social and Emotional Development

This report is designed to assist states in assessing the effectiveness of their efforts to strengthen mental health services for very young children. The paper is an outgrowth of the work conducted by the five states involved in the ABCD II Consortium, an initiative of NASHP and The Commonwealth Fund that seeks to improve the delivery of services needed by very young children to ensure their healthy mental development. All five states needed reliable and valid measures to inform implementation efforts and ongoing program evaluation.

This technical report, based on the work of the ABCD II states, is meant to provide tips and tools to other states interested in undertaking similar work and facing similar financial and data constraints.  The report is designed, first, to examine issues in performance measurement that apply to all measures of the health care delivered to children, and second, to examine each of the specific measures developed by the ABCD II states as they sought to strengthen mental health services for very young children.


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